New Cherry - Skip Sawn

New Cherry - Skip Sawn

​​New skip sawn cherry is perhaps the ulitmate combination of a textured floor with an absolutely gorgeous wood. All the hallmarks of cherry flooring including the light creamy sapwood and the deep amber of the heart wood are found in this floor and then there is the saw mark. Saw mark on the plank surface absolutely transforms flooring. It darkens the flooring just a touch adding a living a second life look. Apply the finish of your choice and the transformation is complete. You will see the strong color variations and the textures will stand out even more. Most importantly you will grow tired of the endless stream of compliments headed your way on your floors. Sorry about that but your good taste is the issue here. Available in both engineered and solid wood options.

Details & Specifications

  • Thickness: 1/2" or 3/4" Solid, 5/8" or 3/4" Engineered
  • Widths: Single Widths OR Random Widths 3"-6", 4"-7", 4"-8", 5"-8", 6"-9", 6"-10"
  • Lengths: 2' to 12'
  • Finish: Unfinished or Prefinished (Natural Oil OR Matte/Satin Urethane)
  • Janka Hardness: 950 (MINIMAL TO MEDIUM HARDNESS)
  • Best Value: 3"-6"
  • Character: Knots (can be starburst/fractured), insect mark, open void, sound crack/check, remnant sawmill mark

New Cherry Skip Sawn - Rubio Pure Oil

Extra Details

  • Nail down
  • Glue down
  • Radiant heat
  • Floating - Engineered Only

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