Meet the Berrys!

Meet the Berrys!

A cabin on the lake and reclaimed oak flooring, the perfect pairing for cabin life.

Located north of Walker, Minnesota, Steamboat Lake is the perfect spot for fishing and cabin life.  The Berry family selected our Antique Reclaimed Oak Highlands Plank flooring for their project and are living it up lakeside in the summer season.  Our Highlands Plank grade in Antique Oak is extremely durable and has centuries old original saw mark remaining on the plank face, making it perfect for active households!

We love seeing our customers happy and the Berry's are thrilled with their new flooring, here's what they had to say about their experience!

Good Morning Karen and Pete,

I apologize for the tardiness of my message, but I am writing simply to say “THANK YOU” once again for helping Michelle and me with our hardwood floor purchase.  The Highlands Plank reclaimed flooring is simply amazing.  It turned a wonderful log cabin project into a spectacular beauty! The floors really added a new layer of “warmth” to our home.  It is the first compliment that people pay when they step inside.  Thank you!
Everything about the process of ordering online with you went without hiccup and I was thankful for that.  When a customer orders a large volume of expensive and very heavy product online, from a company 4 states away, they are taking quite a risk.  It isn’t like a person can simply return the floor if one is not happy!  KD Woods Co. did not disappoint!! 
Thanks again!

Reclaimed Oak Highlands Plank
Reclaimed Oak Highlands Plank
Reclaimed Oak Hghlands Plank
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