Surface Textures

So, What Are These Surface Textures?

Enhance your new wood floor to give it a more rustic character and time worn appeal. Hand planing, circle sawing, wire brushing are great techniques for making a new wood floor look old and distressed. These treatments are suited to some of our reclaimed floors, too.

Circle Sawn OR Band Sawn

Our circle sawn or band sawn treatments give the wood floor plank a very rustic, "rough sawn" or "original surface" look, with 100% applied saw mark left on the plank face.  There are two types of saw mark we can apply.  Circle sawn face has a curved saw mark and a band sawn face has a horizonal or linear saw mark.

Skip Sawn

The skip sawn texture is one of our most popular looks, and for a good reason; it's a happy medium between smooth milled and circle or band sawn.  When milling the tongue and groove, we hit the face just enough to remove part of the circle or band sawn texture, leaving a "hit or miss" or "hit/skip" look on the plank face.

Hand Planed

Hand Planing is a technique that gives your plank floor an old world appearance and is actually done by hand, fancy that!  We offer custom hand planing in a highly textured, wave-planed look to a light, even surfacing that leaves the boards looking crisp and clean.  All edges are hand eased.

Wire Brushing

Just as natural weathering removes the softer wood grain, creating a furrowed surface in old boards, our wire brushing technique adds an aged and “weathered” visual depth to the surface of your plank floor. The occasional scratches and dents of daily living only add to the patina of a brush distressed floor.

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