Meet the Hendersons!

Meet the Hendersons!

Our Reclaimed Oak Highlands Plank Flooring; with random widths, long lengths and all the character and color you could hope for in a reclaimed floor.

Centuries old antique oak and a growing family are a perfect fit.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing our happy customers on their new, and at the same time, very, very old floors. Daniel, Brooke, little Rossi Elizabeth, and their fur daughter Daisy are loving life on their antique oak distressed grade floor. The antique oak distressed grade is a mix of both red and white oaks and has all the hardness and durability to last generations. The original saw cuts, or kerf, on the plank face feel smooth to the touch even for a baby. This floor, like all of our reclaimed floors, is very easy to clean and maintain. It will only improve with time and with life being lived on it. You can bring the warmth and beauty of this floor into your home today, so get in touch and let's get started!

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