Our Story

Our Story

...and it's a good one!

I always knew I wanted to be a business owner. I just hadn't figured out when it would happen or what my business would be.

My story begins in July of 1999 as a fresh college graduate in need of work. Being an awkward introvert my entire life, I was terrified of the interview process. The first interview I made my way through was with a company who made reclaimed flooring. Say what? People actually make flooring from old barn wood? Who knew? Oh, and they hired me!

Over the next 15+ years I found myself deeply involved in a growing company who needed me as much as I needed them. I worked hard and I learned a lot, and not just about flooring; I learned that passion, respect, commitment and loyalty are the most valuable assets you can have in business (and life). I learned to do a lot of different things really well, versatility and adaptation are key. I also learned that relationships are only as good as the time, positive energy and respect you put into them.

Most importantly, I learned that I'm a really talented sales person; and not because I've mastered conventional sales methods, but because I love what I do, I care about my customers and I truly want people to love their experience with me. Yes, I'm a totally introverted sales person, weird I know. I've also learned to embrace my weirdness, it's what makes me the coolest sales person you'll ever deal with!

In February 2015, I was given an amazing opportunity and I acquired the residential sales segment and marketing assets from the company I loved so dearly.

I've made it my own and am enjoying every minute of it. Call us! I promise you'll be glad you did!

And so the adventure begins!!!


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